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Our civil and structural team is committed to providing sustainable, creative & efficient engineering solutions for our communities

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Who we are

Building what matters goes beyond delivering world-class structures: we are committed to fostering meaningful change within our industry and communities.

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Who We Are

Our portfolio spans every major building market, from public to private, corporate to cultural, education to entertainment, and the infrastructure connecting it all – power, transit, water, and roadways.

We delight and deliver value to our clients and project partners, provide diverse opportunities for the phonix construction team, and enhance the communities where we live.

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  • Building the future with ideas
  • Designing future with excellence
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Alternative Delivery Models

Overcome a financing hurdle. Guarantee cost. Reduce risk. Find efficiencies between planners, designers and builders. There are a lot of reasons to look to alternative delivery methods.

Asset Management

We are passionate about empowering our clients to realize value to asset users and stakeholders through asset management at all stages of the asset life-cycle.

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What Our Teams Say

I love the sense of pride that comes with working alongside my team mates to solve complex construction challenges.

Vera Robinson Team Coordinator

One of the most beautiful things is watching teams work together to achieve something. It’s like ballet to me.

Benjamin Norris Business analyst

I can proudly go downtown and point to many buildings and say, 'We built that.' Apart from that, it’s the people and relationships I’ve built that will last a lifetime.

Lisa Smith Engineer